Hello Jason,
I want to thank you very much for allowing me to bring two of my friends to Highland Waters in May. Their visit has certainly inspired them to look even closer at purchasing a block there. Not only was it looking good, but the fishing they had was simply amazing.

As new comers to fly fishing, I am not sure that they fully appreciated the wonderful sport they enjoyed. I certainly did.I took them across the dam wall on foot where we polaroided a large brown trout which was observed for some time swimming a beat. That fish disappeared without seeing a fly but we soon made our way onto the long grassy shore. We had not gone far before we spotted a largerainbow cruising close to the bank. I am not sure if polaroiding rainbows in such shallow water is common at Highland Waters but this is something I am only used to seeing from browns. The fish ate an unweighted damselnymph (called a mcgoo) without hesitation and put up a spectacular fight. It was a fish of at least four pounds and my mate was smiling from ear to ear. Without giving you a blow by blow description of the next four hours before we left, I can say that the fishing was absolutely superb. Multiple large rainbows and browns moved along the shore about fifteen to twenty feet out and all ate the same fly beautifully.

We did also use a different unweighted damsel pattern (Index Fly) which was also very effective. I felt as though many of these fish may well have eaten a well placed dry fly as they were so active. Even when fish were not seen, a searching cast would often bring success. We fished our way just past the bbq area and into the trees but basically ran out of time as we had to leave by2pm.Every fish was in fin perfect condition and each would have been a highlight of any days fishing. For two beginners to catch as many fish as they did is testament to the quality of that fishery.

Although I have only had the pleasure of fishing HW on very few occasions, it always seems to fish brilliantly. It truly is a world class fishery and I am sure that those who get to fish it regularly would agree. My fingers are crossed that those friends of mine do purchase a block from you and invite me back to fish it for myself!
Thank you again. Great fishing!

Kind regards
Christopher Bassano, Owner / Manager / Guide, Rainbow Lodge Tasmania
Presenter of Tasmanian Fly Fishing Techniques DVDs, www.highlandgoldtasmania.com.au
2012 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships, Australian Team & Individual Gold Medallist
2014 Australian Fly Fishing Championships, Tasmanian Team & Individual Gold Medallist
FFF Certified Casting Instructor
Fishing Writer
Vice President TGALT
FFA Board Member

"By the way - I had a wonderful day last Saturday - saw plenty of browns right along the edge, very, very difficult fish but managed 2 nice ones on a stick caddis. To be honest the fishing there is so much better than I could have dreamed. Big fish, challenging fish, beautiful surrounds - it's such a wonderful place. Sharon & I still feel very fortunate to be part of your wonderful vision."

Mark & Sharon, Hobart

"We really like the Highland Waters concept. It just goes to show that, just occasionally, something which appears to be 'too good to be true' really is as good as it appears. The lot we have chosen will suit us very well."

Scott and Kerry Watkin 7/10/2014.

woman with fish"We thought long and hard about buying into the Highland Waters estate, recognising that such a move represented quite an investment in a ‘shack.’ As time goes by, it becomes more and more obvious that we made the right decision – owning a share in Highland Waters is much more than just having ‘a shack.’

We bought into Highland Waters soon after the lake was developed and come regularly to our shack to enjoy tranquility, the wild life, the company of a diverse group of like-minded anglers and challenging fishing for large brown and rainbow trout. The central location of Lake Highland Waters provides easy access to many other fishing spots – however, to date we have found the fishing ‘at home’ to be such fun that we rarely venture far. Perhaps next season!

We love the peace and solitude of the bush and the large blocks on the estate provide a buffer that means we never feel crowded. Winters on the estate are delightful, and even our non-fishing friends who visit understand why we are never in Hobart.

We are convinced of the need for sound management of Tasmanian trout fishing and recognise that being associated with Jason offers an unique opportunity to be involved in the management of a sizable water and ensure ongoing quality fishing.

Jason and Barbara Garrett are to be congratulated for so successfully implementing their vision to provide a secluded, well managed, wild fishery for committed anglers and a peaceful haven for those who do not fish."

— John & Prue O’Halloran, Highland Waters landowners, Hobart

girl with fish 02"Some of my friends and guests who have visited or stayed in my house there, have commented on the amount of wild animals and bird life that can be seen around the lake and surrounding bush land. This bears testimony to the visionary way you have set up this wonderful place.

I also found whilst building the house the assistance and advice given by yourself and other locals something I had not experienced for a long time. As you will recall, I built the house remotely, as I was working and living overseas. I did that with some trepidation not knowing what to expect as a finished product, but all worked out very well I believe, thanks to the honesty of all concerned.

The fishery is primarily a wild brown trout fishery with catch and release practiced and the stocking of rainbow trout to supplement trout stock for the table whilst the fishery establishes itself is proving to be of great benefit to all of us who fish.

I have fished this water many times and on very few occasions have come from the water fishless. The size and condition of both browns and rainbows are excellent. I personally have caught and released brown trout to seven and a half pounds and rainbows to six and three quarter pounds. The condition of the water and the maintenance of the lake shore walkway are very good. The water level is constant thus keeping the sub-aquatic life stable and the trout feeding."

— Michael Tullio, Highland Waters landowner, Melbourne

"We have owned a house at Highland Waters for ten years. It was always a great place for a holiday, a bit of fishing, bushwalking, dinner with neighbours, a game of tennis and time to read. We couldn’t wait for the next visit. Finally, we found positions in Hobart and now have the benefit of being able to enjoy Highland Waters every weekend."

— Alan & Ann Wise, Highland Waters landowners, Hobart

man holding fish"Highland Waters was for us, the perfect place to build a house, escape the city, engage with nature and pursue our love of fly fishing.

Eight years later, little has changed. Large lumps of enjoyment on which you cannot put a price. On those special days, Lake Highland Waters fishes perhaps better than any of the other lakes in the Central Highlands. On the days it doesn’t, there are eleven famous lakes within an easy forty minute drive."

— Dick Greenlaw, Highland Waters landowner, Sydney

"My decision to build at Highland Waters was of course primarily for the fishing; and a great decision it was. Waking up only fifty metres from the lake’s edge is just sensational. I have caught tailing fish right in front of my cabin, and others all around the lake. Huge rainbows and large browns are common and catching them is the ultimate reward.

This is truly God’s country and Heaven on earth."

— Paul Ellis, Highland Waters landowner, Launceston