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Notes by Jason Garrett

Highland Waters anglers again enjoyed a successful season from September 2016 to May 2017.

There are some anglers that open their curtains at first light and if there is no rustling in the nearby leaves, clamber down to their small boats and join the excitement of fishing to the early dawn midge feeders. This was a highly successful technique with the freshly released small rainbows dominating the results.

Other anglers, of whom I am one, tend to have a fish any time after breakfast by drifting and casting from a Purdon to rising fish or simply fishing blind with small flies. With nephew Tim Urbanc we caught thirty two fish in one five hour session in late April. This was one of many successful sessions we had in the latter part of the season. Two thirds of fish caught were the young released rainbows but the balance was large browns and rainbows mostly in the fifty eight to sixty one centimetre range.

There are anglers who have a daily walk around the lake polaroiding the inshore for cruising browns, sight fishing at its best. Others may go to specific areas to await the hatches of highland duns or caenids.

Having a home at Highland Waters offers all the opportunities to fish your favourite highland lakes. The Dee Lagoon, Pine Tier Lagoon and the Bronte Chain of lakes are all very close to Highland Waters and each provides challenging angling for smaller fish.

Prospects for the 2017/2018 season are looking good with the anticipated growth in the young rainbows.

Enjoy your season.