Purchase Details

The subdivision of Highland Waters has been completed in three stages, each comprising around twenty parcels of land. The available sites at Highland Waters are in the third and final stage of the development.

New prices from May 2018. $125,000 to $300,000 AUD per site.

The purchase price includes a three rod fishing licence and a $10,000 share in a company, Lot 42 Pty Ltd. The assets of this company are the lake and balance parkland, a 50 acre site containing the Highland Waters ranger’s cottage, and the guaranteed water supply agreement. This vitally important agreement with the owners of London Lakes ensures ongoing supply of water to Lake Highland Waters to counteract evaporation, to operate the spawning channel and to maintain trout fry hatched in the spawning channel.

Each site owner pays an annual maintenance fee of $1,915.37 (to 30th day of June 2018) and increasing according to the Consumer Price Index, this protects owners from any major increase in the maintenance fees. This funds maintenance of private roadways and foreshore reservations, purchase of fish supplies, fencing, labour, construction of the ranger’s cottage and barbecue areas, maintenance of dam wall and overflow and intake facilities, and payment of rates and insurances.

Lot 42 Pty Ltd holds its Annual General Meeting each November. This gives all shareholders the opportunity to participate in the management of Highland Waters and its fishery.


Purchasers Receive:

  • Freehold Title with guaranteed water supply.
  • Share in Lot 42 Pty Limited, which owns Lake Highland Waters, Balance Parklands, Ranger's Cottage, Guaranteed Water Supply Agreement.
  • Three (3) rod angling licence.
  • Guaranteed Water Supply.

Highland Waters Estate has a guaranteed water supply agreement with it's adjacent upstream property, London Lakes. The agreement is a Novation Agreement and is detailed in the ‘Contract for Sale.’ It provides water to compensate for losses by evaporation, supply water for spawning trout, supply water to sustain trout fry in the spawning redds.

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