The Vision

One of the beautiful things about fly fishing for trout is that you will only find them in pristine country. And rude, impatient and uncaring people have never the time or attitude to master the art of fly fishing so you never find them there.
— Highland Waters landowner

Highland Waters expresses the remarkable vision of Jason Garrett, who was born and raised in Tasmania, where he first acquired his love of fishing. Over the years Jason has refined that childhood pastime to an art form.

Jason has travelled the world many times as a champion trout angler. He captained Australia’s fly fishing team in competition in Poland, the Czech Republic, the USA and Spain and was a member of the Australian team in Wales, New Zealand, Canada and Italy. In 2013 Jason was the Captain of the Australian Team at the 33rd World Championships in Norway and in 2014  was the Australian Captain of the Inaugural World Masters Fly Fishing event in  Chile as well as Captain of the Australian Team at the 16th Commonwealth Championships in Devon.

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In the early 1970s Jason and his wife Barbara developed London Lakes trout fishery, a larger-scale initiative that confirmed Tasmania’s reputation as a world class trout fishing destination. Such was the success of London Lakes that the World Fly Fishing Championships were held there in 1988. London Lakes is adjacent to Highland Waters and is the source of its guaranteed water supply.

Development of Highland Waters began in 1990 on a summer cattle run that was drained marshland. The project is now in its final stages.

The sustainable, quality design of Highland Waters reflects Jason’s commitment to excellence, appreciation of Tasmania’s unique natural beauty, and enduring passion for trout fishing.

You can read more about the Highland Waters Vision in issue #73 of FlyLife Magazine: Article 'Garrett's Way