Fishing Prospects for Nov Dec 2104

Notes by Jason Garrett (November 10 2014)

I've been talking to some of our new land owners and they are ecstatic over their initial fishing successes in the early season at Lake Highland Waters. Polaroiding for large browns along the foreshores in October is very rewarding for them. The crystal clear waters of Lake Highland Waters enable anglers to roam at their leisure searching for feeding trout at the very waters edge. There are lines of pin rushes running parallel to the banks, these rushes act as guide lines for cruising trout, a carefully placed dry fly will usually get results.

It is exciting times for the boat angler as very good catches of large rainbow trout up to six pounds are happening pulling wet flies for hard striking fish that test the breaking strain of tippets often with the fish winning the battle.

Soon it will be time for more consistent dry fly fishing with highland dun hatches becoming more prolific. I just love the early season mayfly fishing particularly when large browns are cruising the surface taking solitary duns. Next there will be the much smaller duns of the caenids testing the anglers short line casting and perfect presentation skills, there is nothing better.

December is all about caenid fishing along the shores for the browns and early morning midge fishing for the rainbows in the deeper offshore waters.

With a lake of guaranteed water supply and level, this season is shaping up to be a cracker. Highland Waters anglers are adopting the famed Tasmanian fibre glass dinghy the Purdon as the ideal craft for their water. At twelve foot long, stable and equipped with an electric motor it's the perfect way to follow midge feeders. My Purdon has just been fitted out, having been rescued some years ago from the bottom of Penstock Lagoon it's been given a new life and joins a small fleet of nine others on the Lake.

Here is what our latest purchaser of land at Highland Waters has said, "We really like the Highland Waters concept. It just goes to show that, just occasionally, something which appears to be 'too good to be true' really is as good as it appears. The lot we have chosen will suit us very well."
Scott and Kerry Watkin 7/10/2014.

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