Imagine watching from the shore on a March or April morning when fishermen glide their small boats or canoes across the mirror smooth surface. Midges are hatching and rainbow trout are ‘smutting’ all over the lake.

Anglers in their boats move silently, stealthily to get into the best position. Mist wafts from the surface. Daylight dawns, spears of sunlight penetrate the trees and illuminate the boats, the fishermen, even the colours of the fly lines. The mist disperses and swans and ducks are at play. Another day of beauty and inspiration begins at Lake Highland Waters.

high16Lake Highland Waters is populated with large wild brown and rainbow trout weighing up to eight pounds, and is principally a brown trout fishery. A ‘catch and release’ policy applies to all brown trout. Rainbow trout may be released or taken.

All fishing at Highland Waters complies with angling rules that form part of the contract for sale of land. These rules prudently regulate methods and times of fishing to ensure the ongoing quality of the angling experience at Highland Waters.

A cleared path around the lake’s entire foreshore makes walking a delight, with rough-hewn benches discreetly placed to encourage you to take your time and spot your quarry, rather than deep wading and wet-fly-fishing.

The lake fished exceptionally well in recent seasons and is often regarded as the best fishery in the area. February, March and April provide excellent dry fly-fishing from the shore due to trout feeding on eucalyptus beetles. Good catches of both brown and rainbow trout in excess of 5lb. are common. Surface feeding fish may be seen throughout the day. The fishing season is open all year.

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