Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have river and stream fishing nearby?
A. Yes, we certainly do. There are many opportunities to fly fish in picturesque rivers, streams and small creeks, some in wilderness locations.

Q. Do I have to build within a set time frame?
A. No.

Q. Is there a minimum size to any residential building?
A. No, provided plans meet Local Government and meet the Covenants of the Estate.

Q. Are local builders available?
A. Local builders are currently available. Four Building Companies with experience in construction at Highland Waters are also available. As at June 2017 four homes are under construction at Highland Waters these are on Lots 22 32 33 and 35..

Q. How far is the Estate from shopping facilities?
A. Highland Waters Estate is ten minutes driving time from Bronte Park Store, which provides general food, household items and post office facilities.

Q. How far is the Estate from fine dining?
A. Fine dining is available twenty minutes drive from the Estate at Tarraleah Village.

Q. What sporting facilities are available in the area?
A. An excellent nine-hole golf course exists at Tarraleah, twenty minutes drive from the Estate. Canoeing, both stream and lake, is available in many nearby beautiful waters. Recognised bushwalking facilities are available in the Lake St Clair - Cradle Mountain National Park. Access to this park is twenty-five minutes drive from Highland Waters Estate.

Q. What are the building covenants, angling licence and angling rules?
A. These are all detailed on the Purchase page.

Q. Is there a Maintenance Agreement?
A. Yes. This is detailed on the Purchase page. Increase in the Maintenance Fee is limited to the March quarter (Hobart) CPI Index, thus ensuring there is no call on owners for an excessive increase in this fee.

Q. What is the purpose of the Maintenance fee?
A. Funds are directed to support the on-site Ranger, pay for casual labour to upkeep internal roads and walkways around the foreshore, provide for maintenance of Ranger's Cottage, pay rates and land tax, purchase of special items, purchase fish for restocking the lake, purchase fire fighting equipment, etc.

Q. How long has the project been operating?
A. Since 1990.

Q. Can I keep a caravan on site?
A. No - unless it is there to house building workers.