A private licensed trout fishery in the Highlands of Tasmania

“Highland Waters was for us, the perfect place to build a house, escape the city, engage with nature and pursue our love of fly fishing"... Read More
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The Vision

Highland Waters expresses the remarkable vision of Jason Garrett, who was born and raised in Tasmania, where he first acquired his love of fishing. Over the years Jason has refined that....



Do you have river and stream fishing nearby? Do I have to build within a set time frame? Is there a minimum size to any residential building? Are local builders available?.....


Where Are We?

Tasmania also offers some of the best trout fishing in the world. The Central Highlands is the island’s premier fishing region – and is the home of Highland Waters. High quality fishing waters at....


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The subdivision of Highland Waters has been completed in three stages, each comprising around twenty parcels of land. The available sites at Highland Waters are in the third and final stage....

In the quiet heart of Tasmania, you can find a secret escape from the pace and pressure of your daily life.

Forget traffic jams, pollution, stress and office deadlines. At Highland Waters they’re all far away. Here you will find an oasis of calm – the silence broken only by birdsong, mayflies on the wing, and the sipping of rising trout. Pure fishing heaven. Highland Waters is a private licensed trout fishery located in the peace and solitude of the remote Central Highlands region of Tasmania, two hours from the cities of Hobart and Launceston. Highland Waters features a 200 acre fishing lake surrounded by forest and parklands. The lake’s protected location, its abundant wildlife, and its guaranteed supply of clean, fresh water make Highland Waters the perfect haven for trout fishing. Accomplished anglers and beginners alike are irresistibly drawn to this unique environment.

Take this rare opportunity to build your dream lodge, retirement or weekend getaway in an idyllic waterside setting, with guaranteed private access and fishing for you and your guests. Read More >